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Sir Bruno has inspired change in the world by speaking at special events for over 30 years. From speaking at the United Nations to the Vatican TV and National Convention, Bruno as spoken to audiences of up to 100,000 individuals about his charity program Caterina's Club to inspired people around the world to end world hunger.



Please contact Bruno to inquire about having him speak at your special event.

Address: 341 E. Center St. Anaheim, California 92805
Phone: (657) 201-3278

"Chef Bruno Serato from The White House restaurant was our guest speaker. He delivered one of the best, if not the best presentation I have heard. Chef Bruno's dedication to those in his community was humbling. For the past several years Chef Bruno has fed over 2,000 kids per day and he has continued to do this even though his restaurant burned down three weeks ago. Chef Bruno's dedication to the kids, his employees and the community is the perfect example of a servant leader."

Brea Rotary

Bruno Serato - Speaker